SQCRFN for Producers

Imagine a world where the product you work so hard to produce didn't have to travel to the big city, pass through several middlemen and spend days on trucks and in storage before making it to consumers just up the road?

In this world, you would be selling directly to the restaurant or shop the consumers are buying from - meaning better margins for you. In this world, consumers would be experiencing your produce in its freshest, delicious state. And in this world, the environment that provides your wellbeing is being looked after through lower energy consumption and lower food miles.

Helping to grow this world is what the SQCRFN is all about. We promote and facilitate the use of local produce. We have created a strong brand that consumers identify with and make it available to our members. We have created an online trading system where you can see exactly what your local food industry requires, and you can fill that demand directly, in real time.