Southern Queensland Country Regional Food Network

Our Vision

By 2020 the communities of the Southern Queensland Country (SQC) region will share an identity based on sustainable food and wine production and healthy consumption. By establishing a sustainable regional food system, we will ensure the long term viability and security of our regionís production, whilst minimising our carbon footprint.

Our Mission

To share and showcase the unique culture and authentic regional food and wine experiences of the SQC region.

Organisational Goals

Goal 1: 

Connect our regional food supply with by establishing a regional food system and a regional food network to manage it.

Goal 2: 

Provenance is to be assured to our customers by developing a regional food accreditation framework for our regional food system.

Goal 3: 

Trade of regional food will be fostered by establishing farm direct as well as commercial sales opportunities with the manufacturing, food services and retail sectors.

Goal 4: 

Prominence in a crowded market place will be achieved through the development and implementation of an accredited regional food brand and a marketing plan.

Goal 5: 

Innovation though on going education, research and industry development.

Goal 6: 

Voice will be given to our cause by fostering strong leadership, advocacy and management by our members to advance opportunities for our members.